Used Car Checklist: Exterior

A used car can be a great way to achieve the brand, features, capabilities and reliability you want, without paying the premium price of new. Browse the numerous online databases available from used car dealerships in Bozeman, MT, and you are bound to run into Steve’s Auto Sales. One of the top used auto dealerships in Montana, we are proud of our extensive selection and knowledgeable sales staff. Before making that final purchasing decision, there are a various parts of the vehicle you should inspect. Here are some tips on thoroughly inspecting the exterior of a used vehicle.

A Car Wash and Nice Pictures Won’t Fix Damage

The exterior of the car is one of its biggest selling points. Our eyes immediately catch the design and overall appearance of the vehicle, and judge it mainly from a distance. Even if the vehicle in question appears to be in great shape, look closely. Check the lower parts of the bumpers, side skirts, mirrors and lights. Make sure every regulatory reflector is in place, and no structural damage is being hidden from view or painted over.

Check the Paintjob

Do a close-look at the vehicle’s paint job from front to back. Is the reflection clear or cloudy? A quality paint job from the manufacturer should have a reflective finish, versus many of the after-market paint jobs performed by auto body shops and salvage yards. If you notice a section of the vehicle seems to have a different quality paint job than the other, make sure you ask the owner if the vehicle has been in an accident and rebuilt. If the original owner failed to report this, steer clear. This could mean the repairs were performed with little oversight into quality and longevity, and could even compromise the safety of the driver. Additionally, look for any blistering or bubbles in the paint. This could indicate an area of rust that was painted over, and could potentially have structural failure.

Wheels and Tires

A common place some overlook, having quality wheels and tires is essential for the vehicle’s function. Make sure the tires have the proper Psi, tread, and that the curb has not scratched the wheels too much.
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